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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eason Chan, you're so great!

Just finished watching Eason Chan's Duo concert last Saturday, it was a fantastic one!

We worried that we can't get our way there, departed at around 5:45pm from One Utama, and surprisingly, we reached there at around 6pm! That was fast!

Hmm.. due to "kiasu" attack, we went there straight away, without dropping by elsewhere to eat something. Thank God, there were many snacks selling right outside of the stadium. Since we reached there 2 hours ahead of time, we took our own sweet time to enjoy our food there, and we went in at around 7pm.

As we bought the free seating area, most of the seats(especially with nice angle) had been taken by then. (apparently, many people are more "kiasu" than us! hahaha!) After searching for awhile, Meng managed to find an empty row for us, and with nice view as well! Good one! Thank God!

Overall, we had a great time there, Eason Chan's singing is no doubt the best! He sang a lot of my favorite songs.. so enjoyable! The ambiance on that night was great as well. Everyone seemed enjoying the show all the time!

After the concert, we had our small party at home, by eating steamboat in the middle of the night! That was a tired day, but enjoyable!

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