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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eason Chan, you're so great!

Just finished watching Eason Chan's Duo concert last Saturday, it was a fantastic one!

We worried that we can't get our way there, departed at around 5:45pm from One Utama, and surprisingly, we reached there at around 6pm! That was fast!

Hmm.. due to "kiasu" attack, we went there straight away, without dropping by elsewhere to eat something. Thank God, there were many snacks selling right outside of the stadium. Since we reached there 2 hours ahead of time, we took our own sweet time to enjoy our food there, and we went in at around 7pm.

As we bought the free seating area, most of the seats(especially with nice angle) had been taken by then. (apparently, many people are more "kiasu" than us! hahaha!) After searching for awhile, Meng managed to find an empty row for us, and with nice view as well! Good one! Thank God!

Overall, we had a great time there, Eason Chan's singing is no doubt the best! He sang a lot of my favorite songs.. so enjoyable! The ambiance on that night was great as well. Everyone seemed enjoying the show all the time!

After the concert, we had our small party at home, by eating steamboat in the middle of the night! That was a tired day, but enjoyable!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

煎。煮。烹。炸。Let's cook!

I love cooking all these while, but don't really have good chance to try out some easy (or not-so-easy) dishes, because I have a good cook at home - which is my mummy! It has been more than a year since I moved to KL, I missed my mummy's cooking so much!

After having my own small family in my small and cozy home, I tend to stay at home as much as possible, and I also got the chance to cook more often that before :)

Those are some of the creations that I did for the past 1-2 months :) hope that the compilation will grow, and I can learn more and more nice dishes from my beloved mummy~ Luckily I did learn some dishes from her before I moved (and maybe I am kind of talented too? hehehehehe^^)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I went to Perth in May 2010. I know it was quite some time already, but I still kinda miss the moments there.. I miss the fresh oysters that we had, the chilling weather, the nice sceneries, almost everything there! Most people would say: "Perth is such a boring place! If you go to Australia, never choose Perth!" I doubt that is right. Maybe I had never been to any other states of Australia, but as a first time visit, Perth is definitely a nice place to go! Of course, if you prefer city tour then Perth may not be "city" enough for you, but if you are looking for a relax trip and you had never been to Perth, it is definitely a good choice!

I had a wonderful time there with my sister Nicole, and also her friends, Calvin with his house mates. We're so blessed to have them around during our time in Perth, to make our trip filled with joy and memorable moments! I was very excited to meet up with an old college friend of mine, Carol, who moved to Perth eversince we graduated!

We were there for 6 full days, but I think it was too short! We've only visited the highlights of Perth, so we've missed out a lot of places that need longer journey from Perth. We are wanting for more!! Perth, I definitely will be coming back again, and most probably in May as well, because the weather is just nice! ^^

Some pictures we took in Perth:


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